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Why UAE is the Best Country to Set Up Ecommerce Business

Find out why the UAE offers immense potential for those looking to set up an eCommerce business in an emerging market. If you’ve been wondering, …

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Why you should work with GCG

The Global Capital Group has been at the forefront of business consultancy. We’ve worked with family offices that are worth more than $500 million in …

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What is Business Structuring? Overview, Types & FAQ

Business structuring is the foremost key decision to be made when establishing any business. It lays the foundation for the business in terms of taxation …

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business structure

What business structure should I choose? And How?

Choosing the right business structure is easy if you ask the right questions. And it is not only very important to get your business up …

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Does LLC pay taxes? Or is it completely exempt from business taxes?

LLC is a disregarded entity when it comes to taxing, which means no corporate taxes on business earnings. The profits and losses are carried forward …

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What is the legal structure of a business? Why is it important?

Business is not just about the right product/service and marketing. 20% of startups fail due to sub-par legal and financial structuring. It is a key …

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company formation uae gcg structuring

What Ownership Structure Should You Choose in UAE?

Deciding on your business’ financial structure, and legal structure is very important before you begin to make a move. The ownership structure for your business is determined primarily based on how you wish to handle your business and the number…

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what can you achieve:improve using financial structuring

What can you achieve/improve using Financial Structuring

Moving forward in your entrepreneurial struggle, you begin to realize the intricacies of running a business and what exactly helps sustain a business’ long-term operations. As you begin to develop strategies to further expand, you will have to begin looking…

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company formation

Company Formation and How to do it in UAE

Dubai has gained a considerable amount of traction, and investors have been moving many of their operations to the UAE in an effort for expansion. Over the years, UAE has established itself as an important and prime destination for several…

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business consulting

Can you set your business up without any consultancy?

If you’ve finally decided to set your business up, then there are a fair number of complexities that follow. Now, you’re probably wondering, “How long …

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