We officially partnered with Payoneer to make your life easier in UAE

We all know how frustrating it is when you’re looking for a payment solution for your online business or in UAE. That problem is solved with Payoneer! They specialize in catering to businesses just like yours and ours, without sacrificing security and convenience features, such as quick processing speeds paired by very affordable fees across UAE.

e-Payments Made Easier With

Payoneer makes it easy for businesses around the world by providing them with an efficient, secure, reliable and cost-effective way of making cross-border transactions, as well as sending funds from UAE

What Are The Benefits Of Using Payoneer For International and local UAE transfers?

Having a business account with Payoneer; you’ll be able to manage your finances in UAE with the same effectiveness that you would otherwise with a local bank account. However, with our assistance, the process gets even smoother!

How Can You Leverage Our Partnership With Payoneer?

Your Payoneer account in UAE will help you to open up your business to the world. Sign up with GCG Structuring and we will assist you. With our partnership, you can continue to grow with added incentives. We’ll have you set up and ready to go within days.

Sign up using the form below and we’ll get right back to you! Let’s start the process today and you will be able to use your Payoneer account in UAE in the span of a few days


Founder and CEO of Drive Assets

Payments are all about respect, you want to make sure that people are fairly compensated for the work that they put in because it is truly an exchange in value.


We were working with multiple payment platforms and each created problems of their own, but the biggest problems would be speed, ease of use, and deliverability.


After receiving a referral from a new hire we discovered that Payoneer’s platform was able to take care of all the previous challenges, and would save us time and money.


With Payoneer’s ease of use, we’re able to delegate payroll and tracking to one person. In addition with the lower fees that they offer, we’re able to save thousands over a year’s time span.


General Manager, SMAI, Australia

Payoneer’s fees and process made sense from the very beginning and the platform truly helped us both physically and financially to grow our brand internationally. With Payoneer, we were able to save money and the headache of dealing with double currency conversions.


When launching our products to the U.S., it was difficult to trade within a foreign country.


Payoneer’s local receiving accounts allowed us to quickly settle our international payments and save on conversion fees.


Today we sell in over 65 countries and have expanded our brand internationally.