External Advisors

As we say to our clients, being well accompanied is important and allows them to make the right decisions and optimize their businesses. This is why we surround ourselves with the best.

Naxy Nwodo

Hedge Fund Owner / Crypto Specialist / Founder of 2 Crypto Exchanges

Naxy Nwodo has worked in the world’s largest institutional banks, pioneered crypto exchanges in the Middle East and is now managing a billion dollar portfolio. His experience in various asset classes from a financial and tech point of view keep us ahead of the curve.

Marios Tryfonides

Fund Administration and Creation Specialist

With 26 years of experience, Marios Tryfonides has proven his talent internationally, from London to Dubai including Zurich and Abu Dhabi. His knowledge allows us to have the maturity and the necessary hindsight for our future and the future of our clients.