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Ten years in optimizing - from tax to banking

GCG Structuring professionals specialize in the banking and company formation sector. Our expertise includes bank account, Stripe and PayPal fees optimization. Creating optimized merchant accounts and financing of cash flow, treasury management, and providing advice on best banking solutions are some of our main services. We also provide solutions in the field of optimization of fiscal residency for your business and for yourself, and we’ve had clients from all five continents in the last ten years.

With direct access to a network of professionals that have built and managed funds, first believers and founders of crypto exchanges, heads of compliance departments for hundreds of companies and professionals of the banking and audit sector we are able to analyze and solve any problem and face changes confidently.

Solution Partners

Government Liaison

Peter Ivantsov

Founder - Managing Partner

Mr. Ivantsov has worked in HSBC in wealth, in family offices in the financial of Dubai, managed USD 50M of liquid assets and is now the Managing Partner of Global Capital Group an investment company with a diverse interest in real estate in the US, ecommerce financing and company formations. Peter has advised and optimized more than 100 companies over the last 2 years essentially helping limit more than USD 200M in unnecessary expenses.


Naxy Nwodo

Hedge Fund Owner / Crypto Specialist / Founder of 2 Crypto Exchanges

Naxy Nwodo has worked in the world’s largest institutional banks, pioneered crypto exchanges in the Middle East and is now managing a billion dollar portfolio. His experience in various asset classes from a financial and tech point of view keep us ahead of the curve.

Marios Tryfonides

Fund Administration and Creation Specialist

With 26 years of experience, Marios Tryfonides has proven his talent internationally, from London to Dubai including Zurich and Abu Dhabi. His knowledge allows us to have the maturity and the necessary hindsight for our future and the future of our clients.

Fields of Intervention


  • Tax Optimization Solutions
  • Company Formation
  • Government Liaison
  • Structuring Advisory


  • Bank Account Opening
  • Blocked funds resolution
  • Merchant Account Opening
  • Financing


  • Administrative Documents
  • Accounting
  • Personalized accompaniment
  • Monthly Structuring Advices

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Garry White
Garry White
Thomas' experience saved us money on taxes, he took a look at our situation from A to Z to understand our needs. He took care of setting up our companies, obtaining our visas, setting up our bank accounts. Great professional, young and dynamic! I did not hesitate to recommend GCG Structuring to my brother for the creation of his company.
Pierre A.
Pierre A.
Ma femme et moi avons créer une société aux Émirats avec GCG Structuring. Ma femme est russe et je suis français, on a beaucoup aimé que Peter parle russe et français et que les autres collaborateurs parlent français également. Cela est toujours plus agréable et efficace pour la communication. Ils nous ont accompagnés pendant tout le process et de la meilleure des manières. Une équipe formidable !
James P.
James P.
Peter's experience is worth gold! I was having banking problems and paying way too much tax when I contacted GCG Structuring. Peter listened to me and advised me on my situation and what I needed to put in place. Thomas then accompanied me perfectly in implementing Peter's advice. And finally Marc opened my bank accounts in a remarkable way.
Olivier Orlano
Olivier Orlano
Toute l'équipe de GCG Structuring m'a accompagné dans la création de ma société et de mes comptes bancaires pour ma LLC ainsi que ma société de marketing à Dubaï. Mention spéciale à Thomas avec qui j'ai été en contact pendant tout le processus. Il a su parfaitement me conseiller et m'accompagner. J'en vois les avantages aujourd'hui d'être optimisé comme je le suis.
Great service! A super professional team that helped me set up my company in England and my bank accounts and payment processors. They were very efficient.
Thomas from GCG Structuring was excellent in setting up our media company in the UAE. He accompanied us throughout the entire process. He gave us the benefit of his experience and gave us good advice as a new resident. He was with us for all the administrative procedures with the government, medical examinations etc. This allowed us to go faster by going directly to the right places. They also opened our business bank account for us (we had heard that opening a business bank account in Dubai had become very complicated). We have taken the monthly support which is very useful to keep up to date with the latest news and to review our business with Thomas and Peter every month. In short, thank you for your help! I will not hesitate to recommend you :).
Michael L.
Michael L.
Peter has a professionalism that I have rarely seen in my life. He understood my needs by taking the time to listen to me and successfully adapted his solutions. Thanks to Peter and his team.
A. Thompson
A. Thompson
They accompanied me perfectly in my implementation in the UAE. A big thank you to Marc who found banking solutions to the problems I had.
Jane Twist
Jane Twist
A big thank you to the GCG Structuring team who accompanied me from A to Z in the creation of my company. The big difference is for the opening of the bank account. Nice to work with real bankers. Thanks guys


Beginner Plan

  • Business and Tax consultation
  • Fiscal residency analysis
  • Full company formation plan


Professional Plan

  • 3 months Business and tax Consultation
  • Fiscal residency analysis
  • Full Company Formation Plan
  • Banking solutions
  • Priority Pass


or $1.000/month

Enterprise Plan

  • 12 months Business and Tax Consultation
  • Fiscal residency analysis
  • Full Company Formation Plan
    Banking solutions
  • Ongoing Banking support
  • Documentation support
  • VIP Pass
  • 24/7 – 365 contact
  • Direct access to CEO


or $500/month