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Problems with opening UAE bank accounts?

Want to open a business account in the UAE?
Want to get the accounts as fast as possible with minimal effort?
Don’t know where to start or what documents you need?
Don’t know where to turn?
You’ve opened a company, but can’t open a business bank account?
The local banks are turning you down without any explanations?

GCG Structuring is here to help you!

We will help you open a bank account in Dubai or any other part of the UAE and we will solve any arising issues. You will receive the account in the shortest time possible with almost no effort on your part! We will guide you through the process taking into account your needs and requirements.

How does this work?

What Do You Get?

Basic Package Pro Package
• List of documents to provide to the bank
• Documentation review and selection
• Business plan advisory
•Translation of the business plan into the bank’s preferred format
• SOF/ SOW preparation
• Advice on bank selection
• File prequalification and risk level assignment
• 1 online bank account application
• Initial approval from the local bank
• Meeting organization with the banker
• In-person support during the meeting
• Application follow-up on your behalf
• Communication with the banker on your behalf
• Submission of any additional documents on your behalf
• Internet banking setup
• 3 months of transaction support and follow-up after bank account opening
• 1 online bank account opening
• 90-day money back guarantee in the event of a decline
5,000 AED 20,000 AED

Что Вы Получите?

Basic Package

Pro Package

Why Choose GCG Structuring?

GCG Structuring experts have decades of experience in finance. We have opened and managed bank accounts in the UAE for hundreds of clients. Our professionals have managed a portfolio of 300 clients in HSBC UAE. We have extensive experience working in the Dubai International Financial Center DIFC, as well as with family offices and funds in the region. We have been helping clients open business and different financial structures open bank accounts for the past 4 years.

How our clients get their UAE bank accounts

Gregory A. contacted us to receive business bank accounts, which he got within 6 weeks. The services provided to Gregory by us included the collection of necessary documents and filling of the banking application, polishing up the CV, adapting the business plan to local bank format, verification of all documents, a meeting with the banker to sign the application, follow-ups on the application, launching the business with the bank, Internet banking setup, 3 months of support, and checking of incoming/outgoing transactions with the client. Gregory paid 20,000 AED for the services and overall was very happy to jumpstart his business in the UAE knowing he’d get a bank account.


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“I worked with GCG for our mainland setup, we got the full pack of documents within 2 weeks. We had to go to the government facilities a few times and meet with the bankers once. After that, we were able to finalize everything from home. Bank accounts were opened 3 weeks after we received our license. The GCG team is always responsive and has been very helpful in managing the process from the administrative and banking side. We look forward to continuing working with them.”

Rachel W.

update 1
“Banking in the UAE is a horrible experience, we struggled for 5 months before we abandoned the process. But then we discovered GCG and they guaranteed us a business bank account opening! We were guided through the whole process and had to come to the bank only once to sign the documents. The bank requested some additional documents but everything was done through GCG. It took us 1 month and a half to get it done.”

Thierry H.

Structuring pic
“I’ve lived in the UAE for the last 3 years but we still face the same challenges when we open new companies and set up business bank accounts. That’s why we take advantage of professional services such as GCG. We have businesses to run and we can’t spend 3 hours putting the documents together or responding to constant bank emails and compliance. It’s much easier to outsource that part of the work to specialists which is what we do with GCG. Have not found anyone else who has the experience, can do this in the UAE, and can also provide services in English, French, and Russian.”

Valerii A.


Opening a bank account in Dubai or any other part of the UAE has many advantages, such as:
1. No restrictions Very little restrictions on counterparties and different countries from where you can send and receive money. If there are any particular restrictions our team can help navigate the right bank to work with for you.
2. No taxation UAE is entirely tax-free on personal income. UAE is entering a 9% corporate tax on businesses above USD 100,000 that will come into effect in June. Only for transactions inside the country and businesses in Mainland.
3. Reliable banking system UAE banks are a safe haven for your capital, with local and regional banks spanning 20+ countries and operating in the whole GCC our team has access to the best banks and knows their processes inside out.
To open a bank account in the UAE, you will need various documents, the list of which is ever changing. We are well-acquainted with all of the requirements for opening a business bank account in Dubai and therefore we can help you in both opening an account and getting a functioning bank account in the shortest time possible.
Your presence is required in the UAE for 72 hours in order to meet with bank representatives. The rest can be arranged remotely before opening the account.

The main documents needed are:

• Your updated data (CV).
• Copy of your passport with the Emirates entry stamp page.
• Original bank statement from your personal bank for the past 6 months.

Yes, it is possible to open a business bank account in Dubai without a minimum balance requirement. Such accounts are specifically designed for small businesses. Are you wondering how to open an account in Dubai or any other part of the UAE without a minimum balance? Contact us and we’ll take care of the rest.
Yes it is possible as STRIPE and other companies such as Telr, Tap, and a multitude of other solutions are available. If needed, a team can assist in getting you the right documents to open a UAE payment processing solution.

Bonus Deal

3 Months of Free Accounting

Purchase the Pro Package before the end of June 2023 and get 3 months of free accounting services for your business in the UAE!
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Structuring Landing Page e1676385839896
RUS FINAL update
RUS FINAL update
The UAE legislation will be changed in June 2023 & the conditions for opening accounts for non-residents can become more stringent.

Hurry to get your accounts before the changes!

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