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With our book keeper package, you’ll receive just the right accounting advice for your small business start-up


If you’re looking for someone else to take care of a major portion of your accounting, and focus on the bigger picture, then the Reporter plan is for you!


Businesses that are in need of professional financial advice through budgeting and forecasting along with additional capacity and support for their accounting and finances can look into the Forecaster package!


Take the load off of yourself and achieve automation in your E-Commerce business, as we handle the numbers for you!

How It Works?

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Simply pick the package that fits your needs and checkout, while also submitting relevant information regarding your business.


Scheduling a Call

Once you’re done with checkout, we’ll quickly schedule a call within 24 hours to get you set up with everything necessary.


Your designated accountant will reach out to you!

After everything’s set and ready to go, our accountant will communicate with you and answer any questions that you might have regarding your books.


You ask, and we deliver!

As you place your order with us, we’ll be able to get started on your books within 48 hours!


Statements to keep you updated

We’ll send you statements on the 10th of each month so you can attend to your tax and compliance requirements.

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“Getting my start-up off the ground has been an exhausting process, and naturally, I just had to find a way to move towards automation. I was worried at first, but working with Javier and Thomas, I was able to automate all my accounting. Kudos to clearing everything up for me and getting everything set up!”

-Rebecca Shaw


“Peter and Javier are great! They advised me every step of the way and the entire team has just helped me to open up more time on my schedule and optimize my taxes. 10/10 would recommend!”

-Oscar McDougall

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“I’ve never really been the kind of guy to outsource my work. It’s usually always been me hiring someone or just taking care of it myself. But eventually I had to rely on someone and honestly GCG Structuring is great value for the money. I used to spend so much time on accounting that I had headaches! Now, it’s amazing how quickly and effectively the accounting team has turned it around for me.”

-Alex McCormack

Frequently Asked Questions

If you aren’t happy with the services we’ve provided you, then feel free to ask for a refund and we’ll give you your money back.
All you need to do is sign up for our services, and we’ll get you onboard and walk you through the entire process. There is no contract, and you can cancel your subscription at any time!
Let’s talk it out! We can come up with something that can accommodate all aspects of your business.
We use the best to keep your bookkeeping up to date. Our accountants are well-versed and have expertise in the platforms that are currently being used in the industry.
Our work is based on cash-based bookkeeping. But, if you had any other model in mind like accrual basis bookkeeping, then let us know and we can work around your needs!