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Welcome to GCG Structuring’s Referral Program

Where there’s no limit to the amount of money you can earn. Earn 10% Commission on Every Deal

We have created the GCG Structuring referral program to give you an opportunity to earn up to 10% commission by referring clients to us. Once you’re registered as an affiliate, we’ll be tracking each of your clients with relevant analytics that you can access through your account!
Join the GCG Structuring Referral Program!
Share your referral link and earn a 10% commission when one of the potential leads becomes a client.

How do I sign up?

Register as an affiliate Share GCG Structuring with your network Leads are verified Deal is closed Claim 10% commission on all deals closed by your referrals

Why should you become an affiliate of GCG Structuring?

Earn extra money while doing what you’re already doing. GCG Structuring offers a unique opportunity to make money from home through its affiliate program.
GCG Structuring was founded by Peter Ivantsov and its foundation is built upon decades of experience. Our advisors will use their 70+ years of cumulative experience to help your referrals with banking, wealth management, company formation, and tax optimization. GCG Structuring is dedicated to bringing financial equality and well-being to all its affiliates. Our affiliate program aims to help you achieve your goals by providing a steady stream of passive income.