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Business owners opt to incorporate in the United States to Secure their assets, gain tax breaks and open doors to US physical Banks. Corporation owners enjoy limited liability protection as the possibility to incorporate is now possible to anyone from the entire world.
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Form your

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Get Employee Identifier Number (EIN)

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Get your
US bank

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Get your payment processor

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What are the advantages of having a US based LLC?


No capital deposit


Very little paperwork


Low maintenance costs


Your name does not appear on any company register

(depending on the States)


You can use one LLC for different activities


0% taxes if you don’t do business in the US

(depending on the States)

*Additional: If you do Amazon KDP, your EIN allows you not to lose the 30% of royalties on US market sales.

Why is it important to have an Employer Identification Number (EIN)

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Open a business bank account

An EIN number is necessary to open a business bank account. It is really important to separate your personal finances and professional ones.


Hire employees

In order to hire employees and to expand your business, you need an EIN. It is used by the IRS for payrolls and federal taxes and to offer retirement plans.

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Run your business

An EIN is needed to run your business at it is essential to apply for business licenses, and to get your tax returns.

Why do you need a Business Bank Account for your business?

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It’s legally required for certain business structures

In order to accept different types of payments such as SWIFT, ACH, Credit card, and get integrated with some pay-app, a business bank account is required making your business will look more professional.
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Tax preparation is made easier

Having a Business Bank account helps with liability and identity protection with it’s low Maintenance fees. US bank accounts can be integrated with One click with many worldwide accounting softwares allowing Multi User Access.
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Business Card

You can get Real Debit/Credit cards delivered to your country or virtual ones to use for business transactions with total safety, and allowing you to be eligible to a US bank business credit line.

Get your
payment processor.

As professionals, we know that it can be a challenge to make your payment processor work in the best conditions, respecting its rules and avoiding blockages.
Don’t panic, here again we take care of everything from A to Z, in record time.
We don’t just open your company, we also give you access to banks and payment processors.
You don’t have to worry about anything! We give you a turnkey setup. All you have to do is log in to your dashboard and start your business.

Choose your Package with GCG Structuring

Basic Advanced Pro
• Registered Agent Service for 1 Year
• Mailing Address/Virtual Mailbox
• 2 Business Bank accounts creation (Payoneer + Wise)
Additional 200$ on every other bank account opening*
We mainly open the following accounts :
Payoneer, Wise, Mercury, Paysera, Revolut. During checkout, you can
choose which Bank accounts you want to open,other bank available on demand
• Payment Processors opening (Stripe + Paypal)
• Free Brex Card Solution opening
900$ 1350$ 1599$
Delivery: 72 Hours Delivery: 7 Days Delivery: 10 Days


It varies. Although corporations often have stricter reporting and record-keeping obligations, you can draw in more investors. However, while LLCs are simpler to manage, you won’t be able to sell your company’s shares.
A tax free LLC is a U.S. company formed in a state with no state income tax, such as New Mexico, Wyoming, Delaware, or Florida.
  1. If you meet the following criteria, you pay 0% US tax:
    1. None of the owners are citizens or residents of the United States.
    2. You have no American employees.
    3. There are no shipping or storage facilities in the United States.
  1. 1. You can earn income and pay 0% U.S. tax.
    2. You can get paid by U.S. and non U.S. customers with a U.S. bank account.
    3. You can send funds to other business accounts and personal accounts worldwide.
You need to send a copy of your passport.
No, contrary to popular opinion, you do not need an ITIN to obtain an EIN. The contrary is true; in order to obtain an ITIN, you must first obtain an EIN.
No, you do not need to have a SSN to get an EIN.
Yes, even if you are not a citizen of the US, you can get an LLC/INC and an EIN.
An EIN is a tax identification number for employers, while ITIN stands for Individual Tax Identification Number, and it is issued to those who conduct business in the United States but are not citizens of the country.
GCG Structuring will deliver your company and EIN in 72 hours after starting the process.
GCG Structuring has a relationship with the competent authorities, which fasten the process.