Tax Efficient Corporate Structuring

Design and implementation of bespoke, compliant incorporations – however complex and challenging your business goals may be

Smart Structure Leads To Better Scaling

Fully Optimized International Business Structures

Build and strengthen your business presence across the world thanks to our advice and technical support in the field of company creation & structuring, obtaining fiscal residence documents, applying for business and commercial licences, opening and maintaining bank accounts, optimizing financing and accounting processes.

The GCG Structuring consulting authority is backed by decades of experience in banking, wealth management, tax optimization and company creation. Our combined experience allows us to solve complex real life business issues both strategically and operationally.

Solution Partners

Government Liaison

Fields of Intervention


  • Tax Optimization Solutions
  • Company Formation
  • Government Liaison
  • Structuring Advisory


  • Bank Account Opening
  • Blocked funds resolution
  • Merchant Account Opening
  • Financing


  • Administrative Documents
  • Accounting
  • Personalized accompaniment
  • Monthly Structuring Advices

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