We advise entrepreneurs on company creation & structuring, tax regulation & optimization, corporate finance & banking, and provide ongoing accounting services

Financial Consulting

Get advised by a professional to make the right decisions on starting and running a business. We are not lawyers, but we advise with a business and banking point of view to stay in accordance with the laws and run efficiently in areas of Tax Optimization, Corporate Finance,Financial Planning and more.
Open companies in the US, UK, UAE or anywhere else with us! Wherever you are, GCG Structuring will register your business in the jurisdiction of your choice fast and with all legal technicalities accounted for!
Skip the most common business hurdle; banking problems. We’ll help you get a bank account set up for transaction and keep you compliant throughout.


Get your accounts sorted and organized on an ongoing basis to keep track of your finances and make quick decisions. Save your time by automating invoicing and other mundane tasks.


Auditing the business is important to move to the next level. We audit businesses, get them valued and facilitate communication with banks that value you!

We provide you with international support

With us, you’ll get direct access to a wide network of the best specialists in each country you choose to establish your business structure, or parts of it. This network, that took us years to build, includes tax lawyers, international law and litigation professionals, compliance professionals, CPAs from the Big 5 and boutique companies providing specialized services.