What is Business Structuring? Overview, Types & FAQ

What is Business Structuring? Overview, Types & FAQ

Business structuring is the foremost key decision to be made when establishing any business. It lays the foundation for the business in terms of taxation and ownership. So, be careful what you choose to get the best outcomes.  What is Business Structuring? Business structure is the legal structure based on

What is the legal structure of a business? Why is it important?

Business is not just about the right product/service and marketing. 20% of startups fail due to sub-par legal and financial structuring. It is a key aspect of proper functioning and making profits.So let us get into the basics of where everyone should start – Legal Structure of a Business. What

What Ownership Structure Should You Choose in UAE?

Deciding on your business’ financial structure, and legal structure is very important before you begin to make a move. The ownership structure for your business is determined primarily based on how you wish to handle your business and the number…

How is Mined Cryptocurrency Taxed? With Examples

Cryptocurrency is not the hot topic among boomers anymore. It’s more a mainstream investment class with varied methods of buying, selling and trading with it. Mining is one of the most popular methods to acquire cryptocurrency outside of buying in…