About us

GCG Structuring was created to allow business owners to develop quickly and safely on an international scale.

Peter Ivantsov

Founder - Managing Partner

Peter Ivantsov is the founder and managing partner of GCG Structuring the CSP arm of Global Capital Group. In the last 12 years in real estate, banking and advising individuals and businesses how to optimize their cash flow, taxable assets and personal wealth Peter has created solutions in many industries and has had cases that range from simple retirement planning to complex US real estate structuring. His constant frustration with service providers and his drive to create holistic solutions for his international clients was why the company was created.

Advised by a group of remarkable individuals and with a team of in house experts his vision for the company is to continuously provide the most efficient solutions in the different industries of his clients and constantly evolve and be ahead of the regulatory regime.

Make it possible.

GCG Structuring is composed of a team who believe that everything is possible. We make it possible for you to grow your business internationally.

We are always on top of the legal updates and we pay special attention to that to be able to provide the best possible service to our clients. Leaning on years of experience in finance, banking, and corporate structuring we continue to expand our knowledge base and grow our analytical capacity.

We believe in great service.

Good stewardship and skin-in-the-game approach is something that we firmly believe in. Before creating GCG Structuring, we created companies in different countries for ourselves to understand the process perfectly and be able to accompany you in the best of ways.

It takes time to build a trusting relationship, and we committedly cultivate a culture of collaboration and mutual respect among all our clients. The majority of our clients come through word of mouth and recommendations of satisfied clients.

Being well structured is the key to scaling quickly and efficiently.

Peter Ivantsov, CEO